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M.S. in Special Education (K-12)

A Master’s degree is an incredibly focused degree specializing in a specific field. A MS in Special Education (K-12) is one of the best options for professionals looking to obtain high-level education and teaching positions. At WGU Indiana, you have the option to study online, which eliminates the need for commuting, and allows you to access Master's in Special Education course materials completely online. Education and Teaching requires professionals who are thoroughly educated in their field, and by earning your Master’s you’re telling employers you are a top contender for their best positions. By only focusing on education and teaching while obtaining your Master’s, you’ll have a clear and focused look at the industry and will be better prepared to earn a high-level career. Learn more about WGU Indiana and how they can help you get your Master's in Special Education sooner rather than later.

Degree Category: Education & Teaching > Special Education > Masters
Degree Subject: Special Education Degree
Degree Level: Master's