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M.A. in Science Education (5-12, Chemistry)

Accelerate your professional status to new heights with a Master of Arts (MA) in Science Education (5-12 Chemistry). When obtained at WGU Indiana, a master’s degree can give you that extra boost of expertise needed in a teaching position. A MA in Science Education (5-12, Chemistry) online grants flexibility in study times and negates the need for commuting, letting you get to the important part faster – your degree. Become a master in education and teaching with a MA in Science Education (5-12, Chemistry) and rise above the competition to achieve what you always knew you could. Understanding the intricate details of education and teaching will help you succeed and obtain a high-level career. Learn from qualified professors and obtain your master's degree in Science Education in less time than you think at WGU Indiana.

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Degree Category: Education & Teaching > Science > Masters
Degree Subject: Science Degree
Degree Level: Master's