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B.A. in Science (5-12, Geosciences)

Create an environment for yourself that allows you to learn in a way that is comfortable. A BA in Science (5-12, Geosciences) obtained online nurtures the non-traditional student and puts them on the right track towards a education and teaching career they can be proud of. Proper training is required to become successful in the field of science, and at WGU Indiana you’re taught virtual and on-campus courses from top professionals in their field. A Bachelor’s degree is a well-rounded educational experience that provides critical thinking challenges as well as in-depth training in the education and teaching field. Many non-traditional students are eligible for financial aid training, so affording a Bachelor's in Science doesn’t have to break the bank. Explore the benefits of a BA in Science (5-12, Geosciences) today.

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Degree Category: Education & Teaching > Science > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Science Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's