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Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration - Mixed-Model - Criminal Justice

A PhD in Public Policy and Administration in Mixed-Model in Criminal Justice tells the world that you’ve learned with the best of the best. Take your education and knowledge of criminal justice/social sciences to one of the highest levels possible by earning a Doctorate that will teach you every detail of the criminal justice/social sciences industry. A Doctorate in Criminal Justice is an intense educational experience, but at Walden University you have the ability to learn in a flexible setting with a schedule that is convenient for you. Because the criminal justice/social sciences field requires such vast knowledge, the professors at Walden University use their expertise to nurture every Doctorate student’s educational goals. Don’t settle. Reach the top with a PhD in Public Policy and Administration in Mixed-Model in Criminal Justice that can put you ahead of the competition.

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Degree Category: Social Sciences > Criminal Justice > Doctorate
Degree Subject: Criminal Justice Degree
Degree Level: Doctorate