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Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration - General

Don’t think you can earn a Doctorate in Public Administration? Think again, and learn more about the amazing criminal justice/social sciences opportunities Walden University offers. Trained professors offer premier educational opportunities, and strive to see every student succeed. When you obtain your PhD in Public Policy and Administration in General, you’re not only getting one of the best Doctoral educations available, you’re also taking advantage of the Walden University name. Enjoy the benefits of the vast Walden University network long after graduation. Criminal justice/social sciences is a demanding career field, so make sure you get the best training possible by earning your Doctorate in Public Administration with Walden University. The future is yours; let Walden University better prepare you for it.

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Degree Category: Social Sciences > Public Administration > Doctorate
Degree Subject: Public Administration Degree
Degree Level: Doctorate