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Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration - Course-based

The PhD in Public Policy and Administration degree from Walden University Online is the most advanced level of training within the public policy and administration field. Graduates of this Doctoral level degree are ideally suited for senior management and consultant positions to organizations that are both non-profit as well as governmental, or one or the other. The goals of this program are to provide graduates with the skills needed to assess and evaluation what is needed in public policy within an agency or community and successfully manage this change.

Students in the program will need to a Master's level degree from an accredited college or university and will typically already have several years of experience within the public administration or non-profit sector. Students will develop and in-depth legal knowledge related to public policy and administration as well as develop advanced skills in budget, human resource, and policy management. Specializations in areas such as homeland security, healthcare, criminal justice, or international non-profit management are all possible.

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Degree Category: Social Sciences > Public Administration > Doctorate
Degree Subject: Public Administration Degree
Degree Level: Doctorate