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Ph.D. in Public Health

With a Ph.D. in Public Health from Walden University Online, graduates can anticipate entering into public health professions in senior management and executive level positions. Applicants to this degree will need to have a Master's level degree from an accredited university or college as well as work experience within the public health sector. Typically, graduates of the Ph.D. in Public Health from Walden University may work for research organizations, community health care programs, or even for government offices that coordinate healthcare within local areas, states or at the federal level.

In the course of study, students will explore the impact of economics, social diversity, multiculturalism, and location factors on public health initiatives, implementation, and success. Emphasis in the Ph.D. in Public Health from Walden University will be placed on critical thinking, problem solving and assessment, and evaluation strategies and skills. There are specializations offered within the general degree such as community health education and epidemiology. 

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Degree Subject: Public Health Degree
Degree Level: Doctorate