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Ph.D. in Psychology - General Educational Psychology

Navigate your way through the professional arena with a Ph.D. in Psychology - General Educational Psychology from Walden University that will take you further than most degrees can. When you study online at Walden University you get the best of both worlds; earn a degree at your convenience, and set your own schedule while still taking advantage of the Walden University name. Because health and medicine requires such extensive knowledge, a Ph.D. in Psychology - General Educational Psychology from Walden University is truly the best way to get ahead. Study with professors that hold years of theoretical and applied health and medicine experience and gain insight into relevant information that will help you get ahead. Create a professional opportunity at every corner with a Ph.D. in Psychology - General Educational Psychology from Walden University.

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Degree Category: Health & Medicine > Psychology > Doctorate
Degree Subject: Psychology Degree
Degree Level: Doctorate