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Ph.D. in Human Services - Self-Directed - Criminal Justice

In today’s job market, creating opportunities for yourself goes hand in hand with earning a high level degree. Obtaining a PhD in Human Services in Self-Directed in Criminal Justice is a great way to tell future employers you are driven and dedicated to the demanding field of criminal justice/social sciences. The renowned professors at Walden University realize that criminal justice/social sciences is a relevant field, and they strive to be up to date on the most current information in order to offer Doctorate in Criminal Justice students the most beneficial Doctorate education. Create an educational timeline for yourself that allows you to earn your Doctorate in Criminal Justice at a pace that works with your lifestyle. Walden University has years of experience offering the finest criminal justice/social sciences training available, so learn more about how easy it is to obtain your PhD in Human Services in Self-Directed in Criminal Justice today.

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Degree Category: Social Sciences > Criminal Justice > Doctorate
Degree Subject: Criminal Justice Degree
Degree Level: Doctorate