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Ph.D. in Human Services - Course-based - Clinical Social Work

You don’t have to settle. In fact, when you study for your PhD in Human Services in Course-Based in Clinical Social Work you truly can have it all. Study online so you don’t have to sacrifice work or family commitments. Criminal justice/social sciences professors understand the most detailed facets of the criminal justice/social sciences industry, so you can trust you’re learning from the best of the best. By earning your Doctorate in Social Work you’ll be qualified for a variety of criminal justice/social sciences opportunities, giving you flexibility in your career choices. Make employers chase after you, and soar above your competition with a PhD in Human Services in Course-Based in Clinical Social Work. Learn how easy Walden University makes it to earn a Doctorate in Social Work online.

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Degree Category: Social Sciences > Social Work > Doctorate
Degree Subject: Social Work Degree
Degree Level: Doctorate