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Master of Science in Accounting & Management

Walden University’s master’s of science in Accounting and Management (General) provides a degree trajectory devoted to helping its students attain knowledge and skill sets they can apply to become a better leader and team member in today’s workplace. The courses offered in this degree program include effective communication, ethical issues, regulatory compliance, accounting theory application, solving CPA problems, managing change, leading strategic initiatives, and not-for-profit accounting, among others. Ideally, students in the program have already been employed in the business and financial industries, although students also choose to continue to their MS immediately after earning their bachelor’s degree. Some careers that a graduate of Walden University’s program may be prepared to pursue are consulting, executive managing, comptroller, and accountancy. Walden University is an online school, meaning its students’ courses, homework, and communication with instructors all occurs on the web. Some students may qualify for financial aid. 

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Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Master's