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Master of Science in Accounting - Accounting with CPA Emphasis

Walden University’s master’s of science (MS) degree in Accounting with a CPA Emphasis hopes to prepare its students both for the Certified Public Exam qualifiers, as well as a career as a professional CPA. The program focuses on the attainment of skills like managing risk, critical problem solving, and understanding regulatory compliance. Some of the courses offered in the program include managing regulatory compliance; accounting theory and application; solving CPA problems; tax analysis and decision-making; managing financial and business risks; legal and ethical issues in accounting; and current trends in accounting standards. Ideally, at the ending of the program students will be fully confident in their ability to take the CPA qualifying exams. Walden’s program is located 100 percent online, better allowing students who are already working to enroll, either full or part-time. Some students may qualify for financial aid. 

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