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Master of Science in Accounting - Accounting for the Professional

Walden University’s master’s of science (MS) in Accounting with a specialization in Accounting for the Professional is geared towards students who wish to learn the essential capacities necessary to better succeed in the accounting and finance fields. Most degree candidates will likely already have a business career. The degree hopes to impart knowledge in areas like compliance, risk management, accounting theory, and current financial trends. As a student, degree candidates can expect to take courses like advanced auditing topics; international perspectives in accounting; managing operational and financial business risks; managing regulatory compliance; legal and ethical issues in accounting; and effective communication for the accountant. Students in Walden’s program are expected to take 30 semester credit hours, a task that can be completed in as little as 20 months, should they choose to go full-time. At the time of completion, graduates may qualify for higher-management accounting positions. 

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Degree Category: Business > Accounting > Masters
Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Master's