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Public Health Bachelor's Degree

The Public Health bachelor's degree from Walden University helps students build their knowledge of public health policy to promote positive social change across communities.

The curriculumin the Public Health bachelor's degree explores issues that affect populations of people, from disaster prevention and relief to disease control and containment. Students will also explore current research to identify trends in the field that will prepare them for a career in a professional setting.

The Public Health bachelor's degree from Walden University prepares adult learners to apply public health skills and competencies across a number of public health-related settings in order to improve the health of populations and advance Walden’s mission of social change. Rooted in the principles and competencies of public health, the curriculum prepares students to translate and apply course content into practice. In this public health degree program, students learn about a range of issues impacting population health and healthcare systems, including environmental health, disease prevention, health informatics, global health, ethics and behavioral and cultural issues.

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