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Computer Information Systems Bachelor's Degree (Self-Designed)

The Computer Information Systems bachelor's degree (self-designed) from Walden University is designed to allow students to customize their curriculum to gain the technical and business skills needed to use technology to help people and organizations.

Curriculum in the Computer Information Systems bachelor's degree (self-designed) from Walden University explores strategies for working collaboratively within an organization to analyze and evaluate information processing needs and construct solutions from an ever-changing set of technologies. It blends academic theory with hands-on experience, allowing students to:

  • Gain experience in group analysis and design projects; in communicating effectively with co-workers, employers, and other professionals; and in using specialized information technology tools
  • Work in collaborative distributed teams
  • Translate distance learning experience to the workplace and improve ability to work across organizational, disciplinary and geographic boundaries

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Degree Category: Computers & IT > Information Systems > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Information Systems Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's