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Network Management

Students with a Bachelor's of Science in Network Management degree from Virginia College Online acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in a wide scope of public and private sector organizations. Some of the topics studied include finance, ethical issues, marketing, decision-making, human resources, communications, leadership, human resources, marketing, finance, and networking. Network management students acquire skills in troubleshooting, problem solving, administration, and network operating systems.

Graduates with a Bachelor's of Science in Network Management program have the academic knowledge and skills for upper level network management positions in either the private or public sector. Some graduates pursue opportunities in a variety of positions including managing networks such as servers, routers, computer, and optic networks. The job outlook for graduates in network management remains extremely positive because there is a huge demand for professionals with advanced information technology skills in today's modern workplace.  

Degree Category: Computers & IT > Network Management > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Network Management Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's