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The Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree program from Virginia College online educates students in information technology and infrastructure security. Full-time learners can earn their degree in only 18 months. This is a very flexible online program available for students that work or have family or other commitments. This Cybersecurity degree program provides students with a thorough information technology study in infrastructure security. This course covers computer security including compliancy issues, operating system hardening, forensics, cyber terrorism, and cyber law.

Graduates with a Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to accept positions in the rapidly growing information technology industry at a mid to senior-level position. Some of the employment positions accepted by graduates include security management of WAN, WLAN, and LAN environments. Included in the MS in Cybersecurity program is a strong foundation in firewall devices, intrusion detection, forensics, and cryptography. Inquire now to learn more about Virginia College's student support, course offerings, financial aid, and time to completion - all at no cost or commitment to you!

Degree Category: Computers & IT > Internet Security > Masters
Degree Subject: Internet Security Degree
Degree Level: Master's