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Criminal Justice - AS

The Associate's in Criminal Justice Degree program from Virginia College Online is where law enforcement meets modern technology. This online learning program allows students the flexibility necessary to fit the Associate's in Criminal Justice program into their busy daily schedules. Online studies are an excellent option for students with varying work hours, busy lifestyles, or for those who prefer to work at their own pace. This program provides students with solid groundwork in court procedures, criminal justice, corrections, and law enforcement issues, along with the foundation necessary for students considering advanced criminal justice programs.

Professionals that receive their AS in Criminal Justice degree acquire the skills, problem solving aptitude, and knowledge necessary to succeed in a diverseness of criminal justice positions such as police detective, homeland security, supervisor positions, courtroom administrator, corrections officer, law enforcement, police officer, juvenile delinquency case manager, and parole or probation officer.

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Criminal Justice > Associates
Degree Subject: Criminal Justice Degree
Degree Level: Associate's