Virginia College

Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration

The bachelor’s of science degree in Private Sector Accounting from Virginia College Online offers students an education that will prepare them to work as accountants and financial officers in small and large businesses, non-profit organizations, and even within government departments. Students in this program will complete courses in accounting for non-profit agencies, financial planning, budgeting and financial reporting, business management, cost accounting, and internal auditing. Students will also have the opportunity to select electives from business programs to complete their degree requirements. Jobs that the bachelor’s degree in Private Sector Accounting could qualify graduates for include credit analyst, auditor, financial examiner, revenue agent, collector, and accountant. Virginia college has designed the degree is as a self-paced program. It is possible to complete the bachelor’s degree in three years; however, many students choose a more traditional four-year timeframe for their degree completion.

Degree Category: Business > Business Administration > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Business Administration Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's