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Master's Certificate Six Sigma with a Financial Services Specialization

A Master's certificate in Six Sigma from Villanova University is a highly specialized and structured short program of study based on the well researched and well respected Six Sigma model of management, product quality control, and product production. Graduates can complete either an eight or sixteen-week program in this specific management model, with more complexity and depth covered in the longer certificate program.

The Master's certificate in Six Sigma from Villanova University is ideal for professionals in financial institutions who want to enhance risk management, investment income and overall efficiencies using Six Sigma methodologies. You'll learn how financial organizations use Six Sigma to improve their operations areas, which have traditionally been considered the best candidates for Six Sigma tactics.

The Six Sigma model includes topics such as reducing variations in production and quality of the product, using data to monitor, analyze  and evaluate different aspects of management, production, product quality and business, and incorporating team building and a culture of quality control throughout a company, business, or organization. 

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