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ISTQB Software Testing Certificate

The ISTQB Software Testing certificate from Villanova University is designed for students who are preparing to sit for the ISTQB® Certified Tester examination.

This eight-week course includes a series of practice tests modeled after the actual ISTQB® Foundation Level (CTFL) exam and provides high-end skills for testers, project managers, IT directors and others. 

Course topics include:

Fundamentals of Testing

  • Steps That Make Up the Testing Process
  • General Testing Principles That Guide Software Testing Efforts
  • Psychology of Software Testing

Testing Throughout The Software Lifecycle

  • Objectives and Targets for Software Testing
  • The IEEE 12207 Standard
  • The CMMI Process Maturity Model
  • Quality Characteristics Found in the ISO 9126 Software Product Quality Standard

Static Techniques

  • Applying Static Analysis For Maximum Benefit
  • Steps That Make up the IEEE 1028 Standard for Software Reviews
  • Factors That Lead to Successful Reviews
  • Static Analysis Tools

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