Utica College

Founded in 1946, Utica College is a private college located in Central New York. Combining excellence in academics with a personal touch is what sets Utica College apart from other higher learning institutions. Utica College also offers a wide range of subject areas, making them a great fit for all traditional and non-traditional students.

Utica’s online portal is called Angel, and allows college students to obtain course information, turn in assignments, and join discussions with fellow classmates when and where it’s convenient for them. By offering bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level degrees, Utica College has an online program that is thorough and easily accessible. Study areas like cybersecurity, professional accountancy, financial crimes investigation, as well as healthcare programs like nursing (RN-BS), gerontology, and healthcare administration are all available online.

Visit the Utica College website for more information and specific course offerings. Obtaining an online degree can help you gain the cutting edge experience you need to get ahead professionally. Learn more about financial aid and how to apply today.