University of the Southwest

The University of the Southwest is a Christian-based college that hopes to inspire excellence and critical thinking, as well as community service in all its students. The University of the Southwest focuses its academic studies on philosophy, history, science, mathematics, and literature. The University of the Southwest also serves to support its students, while challenging them to succeed in their professional lives.

Online degrees at the University of the Southwest are offered at the undergraduate and graduate level, but many students also choose to take single courses online in order to peak their interest in a specific field or become more of an asset in their chosen field. Students can earn their Bachelor's of Business Administration or Bachelor's of Science in Psychology with a blended online/on-campus program, or a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice completely online. Master's programs in business administration, sports management, early childhood education, and school counseling can be earned online as well.

The University of the Southwest combines several e-learning tutoring resources like College-Cram and Online Writing Lab (OWL) to assist students as they obtain their college degrees. Students online can utilize these and other tools to earn their degrees easily and successfully. Visit the University of the Southwest website for more information.