University of Southern California

Master of Arts in Gerontology

The University of Southern California (USC Davis)’s master’s degree in Gerontology is designed for persons hoping to embrace a career understanding, servicing, helping, and/or advocating for aged persons. Because of a growing number of retiring baby boomers, the need for professionals specializing in the care of older populations is expected to grow drastically. USC’s master’s program in Gerontology focuses on students accelerating to leadership programs in the private and public sectors to plan, administer, and evaluate programs geared toward older persons. Some of the courses you can expect to take as a student in the degree program include physiology of aging; society and adult development; the family in a changing society; health issues in adulthood; neurobiology of aging; and practicum in geriatric care, among others. Students with USC will have the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals. The master’s degree is available entirely online, making it a good choice for non-traditional students who may work concurrent to their schooling. 

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Degree Category: Health & Medicine > Gerontology > Masters
Degree Subject: Gerontology Degree
Degree Level: Master's