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University of Maryland - Baltimore County

With the increase in demand for distance learning, University of Maryland Baltimore Campus has responded by offering many different online degree programs as well as stand alone courses for current professionals that wish to increase their skills and knowledge. In addition, the physical campus in Baltimore is just one campus within the University of Maryland system considered to be one of the leading research and doctoral universities in the United States.

The main schools of study at the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus include dentistry, public health, social work, law, medicine and nursing as well as graduate studies programs. The university itself is accredited through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and the various programs offered through the different schools or departments within the university are also accredited or approved by the governing and accreditation bodies for that professional field. Emphasis is placed on keeping up to date with trends in the various professional areas and the university has ongoing meetings and panels with various industry leaders, researchers and business professionals to ensure their programs are training students in the skills and theory they will need when they graduate.

Online courses offered through the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus encourage interaction between students in the form of discussion boards, forums and online chat systems. In addition, faculty members are trained in developing effective online degree programs that encourage student interaction and ensure that online students receive the same education and experiences as those students completing similar degree programs on campus. The courses offered online include a Master of Science in Emergency Health Services, Master of Science in Information Systems, and a Masters in Instructional Systems Development. Besides full degree programs the online distance learning department provides graduate certificates, post-baccalaureate certificates and professional development programs.

The University of Maryland Baltimore Campus uses an online access format known as the UMBC Blackboard. This format is considered a virtual classroom, giving learners access to information, notes and messages from faculty as well as keeping students up to date with course information, ongoing discussions and even university announcements and information. Students can log into the Blackboard system at any time of the day or night, any day of the year. In addition, students can login from any computer with an Internet connection, so professionals or students that travel can continue with their coursework. While there is some flexibility in scheduling, assignment due dates and examinations are typically set at the beginning of the course to allow for scheduling around these important dates.