Tiffin University

Master of Science in Criminal Justice- Homeland Security Administration

Tiffin University's Master of Business Administration in Safety and Security Management degree program prepares security and safety professionals wanting to advance into senior managerial or supervisory positions in businesses and corporation; American Red Cross and other no-profit organizations; local level and state public safety positions; or federal agencies such as the United States Coast Guard and Homeland Security.  Knowledgeable faculty members lead a diverse student body through current management issues in preparation for safety and security management positions in today's technology driven society.  Students develop competencies in problem solving, information technology, and teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.

Graduates with a MBA in safety and security management degree practice in various settings including public safety positions in government agencies in local and state levels such as Homeland Security or Transportation Security Administration, public safety positions in organizations and companies, and non-profit companies and organizations.

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Homeland Security > Masters
Degree Subject: Homeland Security Degree
Degree Level: Master's