Tiffin University

Master of Science in Criminal Justice- Crime Analysis

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice program with a specialization in Crime Analysis from Tiffin University provides students with the necessary knowledge and a theoretical overview of the criminal intelligence process; computer systems; geographic information systems; research design; statistical applications; computer applications in investigation and crime analysis; and more.  Faculty members at Tiffin University bring many years of executive research, academic, clinical, and operations level experience to students and the graduate learning process, which elicits innovation, fosters insight and sparks debate.  It is very common on learning projects in the criminal justice, crime analysis program for it to be joint faculty-student collaboration.

Graduates with a master of science in criminal justice degree with specialization in crime analysis accept employment in a variety of positions including forensic crime labs, correction facilities, and police agencies or work with federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies.   

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Crime Scene Investigation > Masters
Degree Subject: Crime Scene Investigation Degree
Degree Level: Master's