Tiffin University

Since 1888, Tiffin University has provided students with quality instruction that can help them reach their goals. Through a solid curriculum and successful alumni, Tiffin University has built a strong reputation in the workplace. Tiffin faculty members and staff truly care for the well-being of each and every student. This commitment to education has helped make Tiffin University a premier university. This dedication has also extended itself to the online arena of education.

Students in the online programs at Tiffin University can receive the same great education from the comfort of their own homes. There are many courses and programs to choose from, and students can receive both academic and technical help. The technical requirements for online enrollment are not difficult to meet. In fact, most students surpass the requirements. Online courses are enhanced through the use of chat rooms, message boards, and via email. Online contact with professors is always a click away.

Registration can be completed online, or via phone. Additionally, online students seeking financial aid are often eligible. Adding and dropping classes is relatively easy, and students are given access to technical help in case problems arise. Visit the Tiffin University website for more information.