The George Washington University

Master's Degree in Strategic Public Relations

Create a showstopping professional future with a master's degree in Strategic Public Relations through George Washington University. An online degree in Public Relations takes an intensive look at the business world, and delves deeper into strategic communications, advocacy, media relations, and more. This program benefits from George Washington's connections in Washington D.C., providing our students with an understanding of how politics and government impacts business and communications. Many of our students work at major PR firms or in communications roles with non-profits and corporations, and even the U.S. government.

With online learning opportunities from The George Washington University you can earn your master’s degree more conveniently than you would if you had to commute to a campus each day. Many master’s degree students qualify for financial aid, so take advantage of what you are eligible for and earn your master's degree in strategic public relations. Inquire now and learn how George Washington University can have your back. 

Degree Category: Business > Public Relations > Masters
Degree Subject: Public Relations Degree
Degree Level: Master's