The George Washington University

Master's Degree in Political Management

You want to make sure it's worth the time and monetary commitment to earn your master's in Political Science. That’s why at The George Washington University, they make it well worth your while to earn your master's degree in Political Science. You will reap the benefits of the longstanding quality education that the University provides, and employers will be sure to take notice of your Alma mater. The Political Management degree online offers advanced training in politics and public policy, lobbying, international politics, and public relations.

While enrolled in this 12-course master's program, you’ll learn from top professionals in the social sciences field who have applied knowledge to teach political theory and leadership. Distance learning makes earning your master's degree in political management flexible and convenient, so you can learn at your own pace. What’s more, many non-traditional students are eligible for financial aid, so affording your master’s degree can be a reality through loans, grants, and scholarships. Take advantage of all the benefits a master's degree in Political Management can offer, and become one of tomorrow's leaders. Inquire now at no cost or commitment.

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Political Science > Masters
Degree Subject: Political Science Degree
Degree Level: Master's