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Master's of Science in Accounting - Accounting Information Systems

A master’s degree in Accounting specializing in Accounting Information Systems from Strayer University is wishes to prepare its students to become professionals in high-level business and finance positions. Some of the primary focuses of the program include accounting research methods, systems auditing, international accounting, and complex financial accounting. Some of the classes students can expect to take in the program include quantitative methods, managerial economics, forensic accounting, systems auditing, and strategic planning. Career paths that graduates with an MS in Accounting Information Systems can go on to positions like senior accountant, treasury manager, and senior pricing analyst, among others. Qualified applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree, although it does not need to be in accounting or finance. If the applicant’s BA is unrelated, he or she must simply take some additional undergraduate courses. The degree is offered 100 percent online, so Strayer University may be a good choice for students who also work or have a family. 

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Degree Category: Business > Accounting > Masters
Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Master's