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MBA: Information Systems Management

The Master's of Science in Information Systems degree program from Strayer University stresses the policy, managerial, and technical issues affiliated with constructing computer based systems that strengthen and support modern companies and organizations.  This program provides students with the skills needed to improve or design computer networks and lead or manage others. Courses in the MS in Information Systems program include computer applications, network system development, project management, and networking systems. The information systems program addresses the practical and theoretical facets of managing, specifying, implementing, and designing systems that have characterizes such as interoperability, scalability, and portability. It also centers on distribution of data and integration of information to keep companies and organizations competitive.

Students in the Master's of Science in Information Systems degree program have the option of selecting a concentration in Systems Development Management, Software Engineering Management, Network Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Decision Support System Management, and Computer Security Management. 

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Degree Category: Computers & IT > Information Systems > Masters
Degree Subject: Information Systems Degree
Degree Level: Master's