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Certificate in IS: Computer Security

The Diploma in Network Security degree program from Strayer University provides students with the knowledge, theories and skills required to keep network information systems safe from invasions and hackers. Subjects studied in the network security program include troubleshooting software and hardware problems, system self-assessment, disaster recovery, and control and risk management. The 18-month network security program covers subjects including security policy and strategy, computer forensics, internet security, operating systems security, implementing intranet/internet firewalls, disaster relief, and counter measurers, and network defense.

The network security program centers on design, evaluation, and management of networking systems in businesses, organizations, and government agencies. By changing network security systems and establishing protected, secure networks, students attain the needed knowledge and experience to meet client's needs and requirements. Graduates with a diploma in network security practice in a variety of settings including entry-level network security positions.

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Degree Category: Computers & IT > Network Security > Certificate / Diploma
Degree Subject: Network Security Degree
Degree Level: Certificate / Diploma