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BS in IS: Internetworking Technology

The Bachelor's of Science in Internetworking Technology degree program from Strayer University provides students with the skills, theory, and knowledge to solve problems, work with and design wide area and local area networks.  Students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to provide security to both wide area networks and local area network systems and complete security checks and risk assessments on networks.  Some of the courses in the internetworking technology program include routing, internetworking switching and remote access, internet security, internetworking design and basic, relational database management, computer programming design, business, and accounting.

The job outlook for graduates with a Bachelor's of Science in Internetworking Technology remains excellent, as more businesses and organizations require professionals with internetworking technology experience to help increase their online business or move their organization or business online.  Graduates have a solid internetworking technology foundation in the use of bridges, routers, switches along with possible challenges within the WAN or LAN system. 

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