Strayer University

Bachelor of Business Administration: Legal Studies

While not a course that is designed to prepare graduates for a legal degree or career as an attorney, the Bachelor's of Business Administration in Legal Studies Degree from Strayer University does prepare managers for dealing with legal issues in a business context. This program will develop the skills needed to understand legal information as well as good foundation of business case law and understanding of legal procedures as they apply to contracts and business transactions.

Students will be required to complete courses on legal research, legal history in businesses, current trends in business legal cases and issues, contracts, lawsuits, financial planning and management, and legal risk assessment with regards to business planning. Through course assignments students will become fluent in preparing business legal documents and reporting legal issues to various groups within a business or company.

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Legal Studies > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Legal Studies Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's