Strayer University

Bachelor of Business Administration: Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Bachelor's of Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree from Strayer University will prepare students to enter into a management position in various areas of hotel, restaurant or tourism careers. Students may elect to focus their options courses on a specific area of focus or they may also keep their degree more general, leaving a greater opportunity to developing a wide base of management skills within the tourism or hospitality field.

In the core courses students will complete studies of current models used in the hospitality and tourism industry for management, staffing and operations. Budgeting and financial planning, human resource management and staffing as well as legal, ethical and regulatory practices within the industry will also be addressed. Students will take courses on working with customers, conflict resolution as well as marketing and sales. 

Degree Category: Business > Tourism & Hospitality > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Tourism & Hospitality Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's