Strayer University

Associate in Arts in General Studies

Through the Associate's of Arts in General Studies Degree from Strayer University students are able to take courses from any programs offered in the university to obtain the credits required to complete their Associate's degree requirements. The Associate's of Arts in General Studies program is an ideal match for a student that knows specifically what they want to take and the courses do not meet the needs of an already established specialization. It is also an excellent foundation course for a student that is going to take a very specialized degree that doesn't allow much room for outside options once the specialization has started.

Since the course is very individualized, students should work closely with a counselor to ensure that they have all the requirements they need for future degrees if they are moving forward with their education. Many students select from the arts and humanities, math and sciences, business management and even general education courses. 

Degree Category: Arts & Humanities > General Studies > Associates
Degree Subject: General Studies Degree
Degree Level: Associate's