South University

Bachelor of Business Administration General Business Administration Specialization

A Bachelor's in Business from South University gives you the theoretical and applied knowledge you require to succeed in business. When you earn your Bachelor's in Business from South University you’ll have the unique chance to obtain a well-rounded degree that promotes critical thinking as well as the specific knowledge needed to succeed in business. South University offers Bachelor’s degrees in business so students with familial and professional obligations don’t have to sacrifice to earn a valuable degree. Focus your training on the knowledge you’ll need for a great business career, and do it all from the flexible and convenient atmosphere of your own home. Once you graduate with a Bachelor’s from South University, you’ll have the skills necessary to start a career, or extend your academic career and earn your Master’s. Business is a budding field, and a Bachelor’s degree from South University can start you on the right path towards a valued business career.

Degree Category: Business > Business > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Business Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's