Schiller International University

Management of Information Technology (MBA)

Recent trends in technology have increased the demand for information technology professionals. The Management of Information Technology MBA program at Schiller International University is designed to meet the emerging market demand for IT management professionals. This program emphasizes management of information systems, database management, communications networks, project management, electronic commerce, systems analysis and design. Students will be prepared for positions in the management of international corporations and other enterprises that relate to electronic commerce, information security, system integration and the strategic use of digital and electronic technology in business.

Take only the computers and IT courses you need for your diploma, and learn from experienced faculty that understands every facet of the computers and IT arena. Financial aid is available, including higher-level programs so earning your Management of Information Technology (MBA) has never been more convenient. Experience flexibility combined with challenging and computer-specific courses to help you get ahead, and inquire now!

Degree Category: Computers & IT > Information Technology > Masters
Degree Subject: Information Technology Degree
Degree Level: Master's