Schiller International University

International Business (BS)

With the rapid globalization of business, trained professionals are needed to serve as international liasons for a company. The Bachelor of Science in International Business at Schiller International University provides the specialized skills and practices for students looking to serve as an international business executive of tomorrow.

Gain critical thinking skills and applied knowledge with a bachelor's degree in International Business online. Understand the theoretical and applied skills needed to succeed, and obtain these skills in an environment that is flexible and nurturing. In addition to basic business principles, students will become familiar with the linguistic, social, economic and political conditions and business practices of several countries. Principles in business administration as well as the application of economics and the psychology of marketing are covered in this exciting and relevant degree program.

An International Business (BS) can be learned at a pace that feels good for you, and even though you’re learning from the comfort of your own home you’ll still be given the attention needed to succeed as a college student. Obtain a bachelor's degree in International Business from Schiller International University and discover the exciting world of business for yourself. Many international business positions are available within the United States, but opportunities for working and traveling abroad are in abundance. Start your path to professional success now by inquiring for more information. It's at no cost or commitment to you!

Degree Category: Business > International Business > Bachelors
Degree Subject: International Business Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's