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Master of Business Administration: Criminal Justice

The Master's of Business Administration in Criminal Justice degree program from Saint Leo University focuses on the criminal justice field and managing the latest legal issues. Instructors in the criminal justice program are law enforcement, probation, and parole professionals, experienced in prosecution and court procedures that have practical experience in security, law enforcement, and court procedures along with academic knowledge. This provides the students with an opportunity to expand and develop their knowledge of the criminal justice system, supervisory roles, and management skills.

Graduates with a Master's of Business Administration degree in criminal justice have the leadership skills and knowledge necessary to work successfully with various groups of people, and deal with victims and criminals. Key components in the criminal justice program are human resource management, strategic management, and effective communication. Graduates often accept employment in a large array of settings including law enforcement, insurance, security and corrections.

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Degree Category: Social Sciences > Criminal Justice > Masters
Degree Subject: Criminal Justice Degree
Degree Level: Master's