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BS in Computer Information Systems

For existing and aspiring information technology professionals, Saint Leo University's Bachelor's of Science in Computer Information Systems Degree program provides students with advanced skills and knowledge in internet communications, database management, software development, and computer components.  Full-time learners can finish the BS in Computer Information systems program in approximately three years. There is also an online course available for students that have family commitments or work, which allows them to take their online courses at any time day or night at their convenience.

Students acquire the best practices, skill sets, and technical knowledge to compete in this fast growing, ever changing field.  The job outlook for graduates with a BS in Computer Information Systems degree remains good due to the quickly growing information technology fields and need for qualified professionals.  Graduates are ready for careers as information technology specialists.

Degree Category: Computers & IT > Information Systems > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Information Systems Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's