Saint Joseph's University

Bachelor of Science in Professional and Liberal Studies

Pave the way to a future you can be proud of with a Bachelor of Science in Professional and Liberal Studies. The College of Professional and Liberal Studies (CPLS) of Saint Joseph’s University is the undergraduate division that serves the educational needs of adult and part-time students and employers’ needs for quality programs in the education and professional advancement of their employees. The CPLS, an integral part of Saint Joseph’s University for more than 60 years, connects the Jesuit tradition of academic excellence and service with the contemporary needs of adult learners.

At Saint Joseph's University, you’re not just a number, and with their online degree program you can learn at an accelerated pace, or at a slower pace that fits in your already busy lifestyle. Arts and humanities is a complicated field that requires well-trained graduates looking to make a difference. Create a successful professional life you’ll enjoy for years with a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts. Get your foot in the door of the arts and humanities system with a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts that qualifies you for a variety of rewarding careers. Start working towards your future with a valuable degree today.

Degree Category: Arts & Humanities > Liberal Arts > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Liberal Arts Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's