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MS in Information Assurance

Create a successful professional life that leaves nothing to chance. A MS in Information Assurance can increase your chances of landing a premier job in the IT field. Obtaining a master’s degree in computers and IT provides the industry specific knowledge you need, and the detailed information it takes to become successful. Understand key facets of computers and IT when you earn your master's in Information Systems Security. This online Master of Science in Information Assurance degree program prep student to protect the confidentiality, security, integrity, and availability of data and delivery systems from malice or accidental infringement, whether the data is in storage, processing, or transit. More specifically, you will learn: 

  • Pursuing an understanding of security policy development, implementation, and standards compliance on enterprise systems, applications, and data
  • Exploring the security aspects of today’s architectures, including telecommunications and wireless enterprise corporate data networks
  • Learning about several common Information Assurance models (DoD, NSA, Telecom, and Private Business) with an emphasis on IT best practices

Regis University makes it convenient to obtain your Master’s degree online, so there’s nothing holding you back from working in a career that you actually enjoy. Let your degree, knowledge, and IT expertise do the talking when you graduate with a MS in Information Assurance. Inquire now.

Degree Category: Computers & IT > Information Systems Security > Masters
Degree Subject: Information Systems Security Degree
Degree Level: Master's