Rasmussen College

Paralegal Associate's Degree

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Paralegal degree from Rasmussen College prepares students for a challenging career as a paralegal or legal assistant. Graduates of this online Paralegal degree have the skills, knowledge, and critical thinking abilities necessary to deal with issues associated with the paralegal and law fields. Unless permitted by law, paralegals cannot give direct legal services to the public. In this Paralegal program, some of the specialty courses examined include real estate, family law, criminal law, litigation, corporate law and torts, and writing and legal research.   

Graduates with an AAS in Paralegal Studies work in various legal system settings that include government agencies, law firms, and courts. They assist lawyers by locating witnesses, investigating cases, helping prepare for trials, hearings and closings, drafting contracts and other legal work. Inquire now, and learn more about Rasmussen College's student-centric learning environment.

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Paralegal > Associates
Degree Subject: Paralegal Degree
Degree Level: Associate's