Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College has been preparing individuals for interesting and fulfilling careers for over 100 years. The college specializes is in career-focused training that is relevant to today's workplace - all within a supportive and nuturing educational setting. Rasmussen College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of NCA, and offers students the opportunity to earn respected degrees that can help advance or start their careers. In fact, thousands of people have changed their lives by changing careers, or starting careers after a degree from Rasmussen College.

The online educational experience at Rasmussen College is designed to help non-traditional students succeed with a flexible schedule. Some of the associate's degree programs students can enroll in include accounting, criminal justice, business management, and health information technology. Students have the chance to specialize in specific areas within each program.

Online students are eligible for financial aid, and every Rasmussen student is provided one-on-one financial consultation with a Rasmussen professional. Students also benefit from help given from a 24/7 Personal Support Center. Additionally, information technology professionals are there to answer students' computer questions, especially useful for online students. To find out more about a Rasmussen College education, visit the Rasmussen College website.