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Associate's - Early Childhood Education - English Language Learners specialization


The amount of non-native American students in our nation's classrooms is growing, therefore there is a growing needed for those who can effectively teach English to these children in a positive learning environment. This is where the role of an English Language Learner specialization comes into play. The Rasmussen College Early Childhood Education Associate’s degree specializing in English Language Learner (ELL), helps students develop a highly-demanded skill set that can be used towards a growing number of early childhood education settings. From teaching tactics used to help children learn English in a classroom setting, to education technology, and non-traditional methods you learn how to have a memorable impact on your students as you help them learn English. Specialized degrees are becoming the key to career success in today's competitive economy. Learn more about the Rasmussen student support network, and inquire now!

Degree Category: Education & Teaching > English Language Learning > Associate's
Degree Subject: English Language Learning Degree
Degree Level: Associate's