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Business Management Associate's Degree - Marketing and Sales Specialization

Students can make a difference in the success of a company’s marketing and sales efforts with a Business Management Associate’s degree with a Marketing & Sales specialization from Rasmussen College. As this career path is becoming more and more competitive, individuals now need to obtain a college degree to stay competitive in the workforce. This Marketing and Sales degree online prepares graduates with a strong foundation of the theory and practical aspects of sales and marketing within any type of company or industry.

Students gain the knowledge and skills needed to increase sales of a product or service. Students also learn about marketing strategies, technology, consumer behavior, marketing tactics, traditional and Internet marketing strategies, sales techniques, e-commerce tactics, and marketing principals. Through studying real-world scenarios and case studies, students learn the techniques needed to be an effective sales and marketing professional. 

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Degree Category: Business > Marketing > Associates
Degree Subject: Marketing Degree
Degree Level: Associate's