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Business Management Associate's - Business Administration

Students that complete an associate's level Business Management degree with an Business Administration specialization from Rasmussen College will be prepared to enter the dynamic field of management and business administration in virtually any type of employment area. From energy and healthcare, to construction and retail - Business Administration grads are in need to manage operations. An online Business Administration degree is general enough in scope to provide a strong theoretical and knowledge, as well as provide students with the skills and training they will need to be entry-level managers.

Some of the topics that will be covered through Rasmussen College's Business Administration specialization includes human resource management and development, leadership, team building and communication skills, financial planning including basic accounting, budgeting and reporting, as well as business models and management strategies. Students can also use this degree to advance to higher levels of education within the business administration or management field. Inquire now to learn more about program requirements, time to completion, coursework, and student support.

Degree Category: Business > Business Administration > Associates
Degree Subject: Business Administration Degree
Degree Level: Associate's