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M.S. in Human Services - Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Create a successful professional life that leaves nothing to chance. An online master's degree in Human Services - Alcohol and Drug Counseling can increase your chances of landing a premiere job in the top of the health and medicine field. Obtaining a Master’s degree in health and medicine provides the industry-specific knowledge you need, and the detailed information it takes to become successful.

This degree concentration in Alcohol and Drug Counseling is designed to meet the needs of those who want to advance their skills and career options or find employment in   health services -  and more specifically rehabilitation facilities, group homes, or non-profit groups. Students enrolled in the Online Master of Science in Human Services Alcohol and Drug Counseling degree program can become licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors by completing the required course work and fulfilling state requirements (Details here.)

Post University makes it easy to obtain your Master’s degree online, so there’s nothing holding you back from working an exciting career. Let your degree, knowledge, and health and medicine expertise do the talking when you graduate with a MS in Human Services in alcohol and drug counseling. Inquire now at no cost or obligation.

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Degree Category: Health & Medicine > Counseling > Masters
Degree Subject: Counseling Degree
Degree Level: Master's